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Sometimes you might have seen the error on the drive in which you don’t have permission to access it. In some situation you will get the error message like Access is Denied when you want to open it up and access the data from the drive. You can see in the image below that we have one D drive where we don’t have permission to access it, saying Location is not available and D:\ is not accessible.

Access is denied

Reason – Why this happen to me?

Now a days most of the users are using NTFS File System, which gives you the access control security on the User and Group basis on Files and Folders or on the Drives. Which is know as ACL (Access Control List). And in this case if you temper the NTFS permission which directly affect to your User account or Groups where you belongs to will give you the message D:\ is not accessible and Access is denied. Like you can see in the image below where our D drive having problem in accessing it.

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Access is denied on D drive
NTFS properties, NTFS drive locked, how to solve NTFS permission
Properties of D drive where we don’t have permission to access it

So, this is the main reason where you’re not able to access the NTFS drive. Simply because your User account or Groups are not added to the ACL in the NTFS Security tab. At least your User or Groups must be added in the NTFS Security Properties to access it. Which is currently doesn’t have any User and Groups added as per the above image.

Note: If you have a problem in C drive where the OS is installed then I will give you the another solution on our blog. Once the blog will be added for Access is denied on C drive NTFS permission we will attach the link here for the same. Please don’t apply the same method for C drive via this article.

Solution – Restore NTFS permission to default

Now two solution you can perform to access the drive.

  1. Manual restore NTFS security permission
  2. Automatic restore NTFS security permission to default

You can restore the NTFS permission manually on the drive level or Files or Folder level via Security tab in Properties. But this is very tedious task to do the same and its not easy for the user who don’t have much knowledge on it. In some situation its makes you confuse to restore NTFS permission for yourself. So I better recommend you to restore NTFS permission to its default via Automatic procedure through one third party trusted tool Permissions Time Machine Lite. Click on the button below to download Permissions Time Machine Lite from Softpedia on your computer and install it.

permissions time machine download
Download Permission Time Machine Lite
download link for permissions time machine lite, download permissions time machine
Click on Softpedia Secure Download (US) to start downloading Permission Time Machine Lite

It will download the Permissions Time Machine Lite file which you need to open it up and install Permissions Time Machine Lite edition on your computer.

Now follow the step-by-step wizard to restore NTFS security permission to its default

permission time machine, access is denied, restore NTFS permission
Install Permission Time Machine Lite via setup.exe file
permission time machine
Choose your language – English
restore NTFS permission
Accept the license agreement and Click Next
permission time machine lite download
Click Next one more time
permissions time machine download link
Enable the check for desktop icon and Click Next once again
permissions time machine for NTFS security permission
Click Install to start installation of Permission Time Machine
permissions time machine lite download
Uncheck Launch Permission Time Machine Lite and Click Finish
restore NTFS permission through Permissions Time Machine Lite software
Right click on Permission Time Machine Lite icon on the Desktop Area and Click Run as administrator
user account control
Click Yes on UAC (User Account Control)
permissions time machine download
Click Continue Lite
download permissions time mcahine
Click Yes on Agreement screen
NTFS drive unlocked, locked NTFS drive, How to unlock drive
Click on the button this [….] and select your Access is denied partition
drive is locked, drive is unlock, unlock drive, access is denied
Select the NTFS Locked drive (D drive is selected in my case) and Click on Select Folder
restore NTFS permission to default
Click on Default button to restore the NTFS security permission to default
NTFS permission
Click Yes to Restore Default Access Permission on locked drive and please wait here
Click Retry and Try Again
restore default NTFS permission
Default Permission Restored. Click OK
permission NTFS restore
NTFS Security Permission restored after waiting few minutes
permission time machine download
Close Permission Time Machine Lite and Click Yes
unlock ntfs drive
Now go to This PC and refresh one more time and check the NTFS locked drive
unlock ntfs dive to default permission
Voila!!! You are now ready to access the NTFS drive, Cheers!!!
access data from locked ntfs drive
Now you will be able to access all the Files and Folder on the NTFS drive
properties of ntfs drive, access control list, user access control list, uac, ntfs
Go to drive Properties and check NTFS permission
ntfs permission to user and group, user account control list
You can see the ACL of the NTFS drive to its default now

Hope! you did it successfully which is much easier way to solve the NTFS security permission to its default.

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