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Not secure HTTPS in Google Chrome browser on Windows 7

Sometime you might have seen on your Windows 7 PC while browsing secure website over SSL/TLS layer. Like when you open any bank website in any browser it will start from HTTPS protocol. Which ensure that the transaction between your computer and server will be in encrypted form. Encrypted means hackers cannot see the Users ID and Password in clear text. It will be in unreadable form. And it is much necessary to make the secure transaction between your computer and the server over HTTPS. Because you also don’t want your credentials get hacked by someone else. is not opening over Not secure HTTPS in Windows 7

And now you can think, what happen if HTTPS will not work on your Windows 7 which is an outdated operating system and now a days it is not secured anymore. Even Microsoft already recommended to the worldwide user to switch over to newest Windows like Windows 10 and Windows 11. Because Windows 7 support ended on January 14, 2020. And time to time our security protocols over websites are improving. But the development of Windows 7 stopped after January 14, 2020. And massive amount of users worldwide still using the Windows 7 and not upgrading their system, may be due to lower computer hardware configuration, older Laptops and their drivers compatibility, application compatibility and their budget etc.

Should we open this website on Windows 7?

Answer is clearly NO until or unless HTTPS protocol is not secured on your Windows 7 in Google Chrome or any other browser. But there is an option on some HTTPS website when you click on Advanced and you will see the Proceed to the website (unsafe) link. When you click on this link you can easily open your website but here is the chance for hackers where you can easily get hacked when you give the credentials over not secure HTTPS website.

You can can see the link Proceed to the website (unsafe)

Proceed to the website (unsafe) is not showing on some website due to its higher level of secure protocols like HSTS (HTTP Strict Transport Security). Which ensuring that their browsers always connect to a website over HTTPS. And the Windows 7 is totally not understanding it due to its outdated version. That’s the reason you don’t have an option to open the website.

But don’t worry!!! We are here to help you guys where you can easily open not secure HTTPS website by applying our method below on your Windows 7 which is valid and Microsoft official steps.

How to solve Your connection is not private and not secure HTTPS in Windows 7?

You have to update your Windows 7 system to its Service Pack 1 level if it not already installed. And then you have to download and install the Microsoft patch KB4474419.

Step -1: Download and install the Microsoft KB4474419 from the download button given below as per your system architecture 32-Bit or 64-Bit. If you don’t know how to find it, follow our all the instructions in Computics Lab YouTube video below.

Right click on KB4474419 and click on Open to install
Installing KB4474419 in Windows 7
Restart the Windows 7 system

Now after restarting the Windows 7 system you will see the website is now opening and secured over HTTPS connection. You can see the Lock icon in the address bar. Which ensuring you that the transaction between you and your server is now fully encrypted. is now opening in Windows 7 over secured HTTPS connection

Step -2: Optional but mandatory if the KB4474419 is not installing and give you an error shown in the image below like The update is not applicable to your computer. Now to install this patch which support higher security HTTPS protocol you have to download and install the Service Pack 1 and update your Windows 7 first. And then try to install the required Microsoft KB4474419 again and restart the system.

The update is not applicable to your computer

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Watch the video till the end and fix Your connection is not private in Google Chrome on Windows 7

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